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Solink is a SaaS startup based in Kanata, specialising in integrating security camera systems with POS data. This data gathers intelligence for loss prevention and daily operations for retail, hospitality and the financial industries. Solink’s website is the main point of interaction for curious business owners shopping for security solutions. Solink’s rapid growth meant they needed to rely on their website to do the heavy lifting in the early stages of the customer experience and feed their busy sales team higher-quality leads.

Agency: Greenmelon
Solink Marketing & Strategy: Jordon Danger-Kent, Tanya Ruiter
Creative Director: Robert Smith
UX/UI: Samantha Whissell
Developer: Mark Vidalin


The purpose of the website redevelopment was to:

  • Improve quality traffic and overall online presence through enhanced SEO activity.
  • Quickly educate viewers at a high level, and bring a seamless experience to deeper knowledge.
  • Provide specific solutions to improve user experience of the Pricing, Demo and Resources content.
  • Support, feed and help qualify leads to the sales team.
  • Double current conversion rate (request a demo) from 2% to 4%.


Examining Google Analytics

54% using desktop, 43.5% using mobile. Mobile receives double the number of demo requests. Visitation primarily between business hours 9am – 5pm, with a higher uptake during lunch hours. 80% of visitors stay for no longer than 10 seconds. 76% of visitors only visit one page. Presumption that visitors have very little time, probably juggling lunch and would benefit greatly from clear, succinct content. 30% of visitors return, and spend twice as much time on the site and convert more often. Email campaigns are working! Lowest bounce-rates and highest % conversions. It is also the lowest source of new users. Opportunities to improve desktop engagement, continue to optimise mobile, offer email subscriptions and prepare an email marketing plan.

Examining Crazy Egg

Clicks show desire to find and read more case studies, or at least find a relatable one easier. There’s a demand for an interactive experience too (even the smallest play button gets a click). Opportunity to create more case studies related to pain points and to offer interactive ways to learn about Solink without committing to a scheduled tour.

Reviewing Personas

Keywords and terms strongly related to persona’s “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD) were missing. Solink’s marketed benefits related to pain points, but only marginally. Enterprise target identified the need to share product benefits to decision makers in a convenient way. Opportunity to rewrite content to directly address pain points/JTBD, add share buttons and PDF downloads (part of engagement tactics).

Manual Audit

Content is vague, not particularly helpful, or deeply informative. The content is attuned to the user’s jargon, although uncommon abbreviations are used. Visually distracting and causing confusion. No hierarchy or visual separation. Some illustrations are animated, others aren’t. User journey is confusing with no links to draw down the funnel until you get to the very bottom: “Take a Tour” in the nav. Form requires too many data fields. User still has no idea how much this will cost, even a ballpark figure. Too much commitment for very little conviction. Opportunity to prepare a content strategy, web style guide and application of user engagement tactics.


Improve desktop engagement and optimise mobile

  • Improve visual hierarchy and consistent graphic styles, behaviours and function, and text sizes.
  • Create high-touch video and employ lazy-load.
  • Improve SEO by optimizing code, visual elements and web fonts to improve performance and Google preference. Utilizing WordPress tools, the sitemap can be better managed. By building and reviewing using how Google prioritizes as a benchmark, the website can be found faster and load more efficiently.
  • Build consistent WordPress modules to make new content easier to create and edit.

Engage through email marketing

  • Add email subscription signup offering news and thought-leadership pieces in security and data scrutiny. Create an email marketing plan.

Expand case studies

  • Satisfy the high demand for Case Studies with a direct link to the Resource Centre.
  • Add up to 8 case studies, focusing on different features of Solink.
  • Use engaging headlines that directly addresses pain points and marries up with Solink features.
  • Promote curated Case Studies on each page (ie. Enterprise case studies appear in Enterprise solutions page)
  • Add share buttons and downloadable PDFs to aide transfer of knowledge to decision makers.

Expand engagement and interaction

  • Create animated graphics highlighting Solink features at a very high-level. Create video demonstrations on top pain points which take a deeper dive into Solink’s solutions without the barrier of scheduling a personal tour or speaking to sales.

Apply user engagement tactics

  • Satisfy the very high demand for pricing information with clear pricing tiers, detailing what each tier entails.
  • Add an interactive ROI calculator
  • Create engaging easy-to-understand graphics, icons and video content.
  • Add a FAQs page
  • Employ progressive profiling
  • Add a competition comparison chart


  • Easier UX, customer journey through to pricing and purchase decision.
  • Page speed 10x faster.
  • Google Lighthouse review ranked above 90% across the board.
  • Conversions tripled in the first month after launch.
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